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Linuxpg.org domain was used by a vendor-neutral Linux/GNU training and certification body SAIR, to provide relevant information on and support for their offered services. In 2000 Sair, Inc. was acquired by Wave Technologies International, a subsidiary of Thomson Corporation.

Quoting an article by Jeff Dean (O'Reilly Media, 06/08/2000):

“In 1999, Dr. Tobin Maginnis of the University of Mississippi began work on a vendor-neutral Linux certification program under the umbrella of his private company, Sair Inc. Pronounced zair, the company name stands for Software Architecture Implementation and Realization. Sair is offering its exams through Sylvan Prometrictesting centers worldwide. Sair has the backing of its parent company, Wave Technologies, and an impressive list of advisors.”

Sighting the source from the Linux.com article titled “Where, oh where is SAIR?” (November 30, 1999):

"Sair Linux and GNU Certification has moved to Houston, Texas and has been integrated into Linux Professional Group. Linux Professional Group is developing, promoting and managing the SAIR Linux GNU certification. SAIR Linux curriculum is available exclusively through Course Technology, Thomson at 1-800-648-7450 x8269. For all other information and requests, please email us at support@linuxpg.org or call us toll-free at (866) OK-LINUX."

Following was a brief statement available on the front page of LPG website:

“Welcome to the Linux Professional Group, a non-profit corporation in support of the Open Source / Linux community. LPG is dedicated to the development of training and certification materials needed to meet the competencies of the Linux System Professional in the Enterprise... Below you will find the links for membership, certification, Linux distributions, as well as contacts, and other Linux resources. Why not browse our website and find the unlimited opportunities that await you as a trained Linux professional...”

The beginning of the new millennium saw decline in popularity of SAIR certifications and by 2007 linuxpg.org was largely abandoned. In mid 2011 the domain became publicly available for registration and I decide to register it.

Understanding the value of this domain as a historical Internet asset, I aim to preserve it from acquisition by domain name merchants and misuse by third parties. This is the sole purpose of this website.

You can track the history of linuxpg.org all the way back to March 2, 2001, via Wayback Machine. Note the infamous IIS "Under Construction" page that this domain started resolving to on OCT 30 2006 - it was apparently running on Apache web server before this.

I am not aware of any SAIR examinations being currently available. As of the date of this article, sylvanprometric.com and linuxcertification.com are apparently parked, serving ads; Wave Tech website redirects to a Real Estate broker.

If you are the representative of the Linux Professional Group and/or Thomson Reuters Corporation and wish to use this domain for its original purposes, please contact me directly about the possibility of transferring it to you.

For information about me you may visit my LinkedIn profile. For any inquiries and comments, please do not hesitate to use the available contact form.

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